Drakontas is a tech company specializing combat communication tools. Their app is at the forefront of their offerings, and they approached Anchor Point Collective to design the iconography to represent each of the items within said app. This project presented an interesting design challenge, as there was a high likelihood that users would be under fire while using the app. Thusly, the icons need to not only transcend written language, but also needed to be visible all sorts of high-stress situations. We resolved to use “high-frequency” colors, or in other words, colors that were scientfically easiest for the human eye to see. All in all, Anchor Point Collective was able to combine sleek design with much-need practicality.

Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Final Deliverable(s):
.ai source file, PNG’s, SVG’s, print-ready PDF

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